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Artificial Medical Intelligence, Inc., (AMI) develops groundbreaking, proprietary technology solutions for healthcare knowledge transfer as embodied in its EMscribe® platform.

At the heart of EMscribe® is Computer Assisted Coding and Clinical Data Abstraction, functionality uniquely benefited by its patented, nimble Natural Language Processing (AI) engine that advances the accuracy, effectiveness and timeliness of clinical care documentation while integrating this technology seamlessly into industry standards for coding and reimbursement, care management and clinical documentation, both for prospective and retrospective processing analysis and audits of the medical record.


AMI has proudly broken the typical industry-wide time barrier again by setting right sized project expectations for the healthcare customer and then deploying an efficient user friendly solution that is also highly customizable to satisfy the individual healthcare facility’s enterprise goals.

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Case Studies

Below are a variety of articles discussing AMI, or NLP technology in general. For further information, please contact us at:

  • PWC – HRI Gold Rush

    Study conducted by PWC on Healthcare spending.

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  • NLP White Paper

    The practical application of NLP technology for Computer Assisted Coding: A White Paper

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  • CAC Case Report

    Case study performed at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

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