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Artificial Intelligence Technology and Robotic Process Automation

Mission Statement

Artificial Medical Intelligence, Inc., (AMI) develops groundbreaking, proprietary technology solutions for healthcare knowledge transfer as embodied in its EMscribe® platform. At the heart of EMscribe® is Computer Assisted Coding and Clinical Data Abstraction, functionality uniquely benefited by its patented, nimble Natural Language Processing engine that advances the accuracy, effectiveness and timeliness of clinical care documentation while integrating this technology seamlessly into industry standards for coding and reimbursement, care management and clinical documentation, both for prospective and retrospective processing analysis and audits of the medical record.

“AMI has proudly broken the typical industry-wide time barrier again by setting right sized project expectations for the healthcare customer and then deploying an efficient user friendly solution that is also highly customizable to satisfy the individual healthcare facility’s enterprise goals.”

Since 2007, AMI has partnered with solid healthcare industry partners who have assisted in the dissemination of the EMscribe® CAC/NLP technology in the healthcare space.

Strategic Direction

As the first company to develop and commercialize CAC in the hospital environment, our mission has always been to push the industry envelope by leading innovation and function in this space. More than that, almost every piece of our comprehensive platform was developed based on end user requests and needs. CDI, Core Measures, Prospective NLP Problem Lists, Clinical Decision Support, Medication Reconciliation along with every coding convention capability are all under the umbrella of the industry’s most comprehensive HIM and healthcare solution, EMscribe®.

All hospital CAC applications in some form or another can be traced back to EMscribe® and our first commercial hospital deployment back in 2004. “When something is good everyone wants it and will copy it”. And that’s what’s happened.

We’ve discovered through time and experience that there’s much more than just technology that needs to work for a successful CAC implementation. It’s the best in what we do best, providing top shelf interpersonal service and support, all the time any time through the relationship. This goes beyond what the industry provides. Whether its coder-review auditing, training, our IT questions, we are ALWAYS there for our clients. It boils down to the AMI culture. The highest degree of customer satisfaction is primacy for us to achieve success. We just do it better.

Our future goals are aimed at acquiring more direct hospital/healthcare clients, which means eliminating any middleman or third party intermediary and work directly with the client/end user. Doing this enables AMI to pass immediate monetary savings to the enduser. When we are able to control an entire implementation with our nimble customizable technology, in person communication and our CAC experience and expertise, success in guaranteed. We’ve designed our technology to be customized and tailored for the client.

It is AMI’s goal is to continue to listen and tailor our technology to the needs of our clients, as they drive our innovation.

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