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Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Deploys Artificial Medical Intelligences’ Computer Assisted Coding Solution

SAN DIEGO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 13, 2006–Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI) today announced that Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) New Brunswick, New Jersey, has deployed its EMscribe Dx computer assisted coding solution to improve the hospital’s medical records processing.

EMscribe Dx is a computer assisted coding solution that extracts medical phrases from free text documents and matches them to appropriate ICD9 diagnostic and procedure codes. It is the only automated coding solution specifically designed for hospital coding requirements and covers all clinical disciplines and subspecialties.

“We selected AMI’s EMscribe Dx as part of an effort to streamline our medical records processing and code more efficiently while supporting our goal of applying new technologies to improve healthcare,” said John Gantner, executive vice president and CFO at RWJUH. “AMI has demonstrated its ability to address our long-term objectives, streamline our data collection and provide us with earlier visibility into a patient’s chart for better decision making. We intend to integrate EMscribe Dx with our existing hospital systems as part of a new data acquisition and management environment.”

RWJUH previously depended on a primarily manual coding process that was tedious and time consuming. After a patient was discharged, a clerk would physically retrieve the medical documents and pass it to a health records analyst who would extract the appropriate information for the billing system. Then the medical record would be passed onto a coder who would write the codes onto a paper face sheet. Next the face sheet would get passed to a data entry operator who would again access the billing system and enter the coding information into the account for final billing.

Coders can now start the coding before a patient is discharged because EMscribe Dx codes as soon as the document is electronically available in real-time. All documents in a patient’s chart are presented through a single user interface. EMscribe Dx provides RWJUH with improved data flow through which ultimately helps to increase hospital revenue by streamlining the coding and billing process and reducing the Discharge Not Finally Billed (DNFB) interval.

“Robert Wood Johnson’s selection of EMscribe Dx for this initiative is a testament to the quality of our solution and the expertise of our staff,” said Andrew B. Covit, M.D., a board certified nephrologist, chief executive officer of Artificial Medical Intelligence, Inc. “At the same time, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital reaffirms its commitment to apply innovative technology to improve the delivery of healthcare and leverage the talent of the physicians that practice medicine there.”