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Artificial Intelligence Platform

EMscribe® Problem List

A problem list is a vital part of a patient’s medical chart that details the most important medical information. As the health care industry has transitioned to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), the problem list is recognized as one of the core meaningful use criteria that require standardization in content and structure in order to be compatible for health information exchange (HIE).

Currently physicians either manually enter patient problem list information or may not have a system in place at all. AMI’s EMscribe® addresses this issue by utilizing its innovative Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to read through patient health records for appropriate medical terminology, generates a problem list based on this information and automatically populates a healthcare organization’s EMR system. It allows clinicians to capture the true clinical intent that leverages their existing medical documentation through immediate access to the identified patient problems.

Physician Problem List

Utilizing AMI’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence & NLP technology, EMscribe® is able to improve hospital efficiency and clinical care, and most importantly, helps manage populations of patients while they are hospitalized.

Key Features & Benefits

No pick-list needed, all generated by EMscribe® A.I./NLP technology

Mapped to both SNOMED and ICD-10

Save physicians time on administrative tasks

Allows more time for patient care

Available through EMscribe® GUI as well as fully integrated inside any EMR via API.