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Artificial Intelligence Platform

Autonomous Coding

EMscribe® technology continues to evolve with new algorithms and processes. Since 2006, EMscribe® has innovated Autonomous Coding. No longer was it required for skilled people to review certain types of Computer Assisted Coding output. Since then, AMI has built on this capability now with more types of medical records processed without humans.

EMscribe® Autonomous Coding continues to break new ground by providing 100% accuracy output that AMI contract guarantees, building client trust. The market competition has no such capability.

Autonomous Coding Benefits

This Artificial Intelligent Technology has proven to reduce the workload of the Revenue Cycle team directly reducing DNFB’s, increasing “Cash On Hand” and maximizing accuracy allowing audits to be minimally evasive.

  • Seamless

  • Trusted

  • Exclusive

  • Productive

  • Cost Effective

Autonomous Coding


  • Provides immediate Return on Investment.
  • 100 % Accurate-Contract Guaranteed
  • No coders required for production.
  • No workflow CAC issues
  • Not dependent on a CAC graphical user interface.
  • Fast Implementation.
  • Fast processing.
  • Live Automation Sites since 2006.
  • Mitigates coder shortages.
  • Augments ICD10 demand.
  • Works alongside other CAC, Coding or HIM applications.