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Artificial Intelligence Platform

Computer Assisted Coding

For over two decades, AMI has been an industry leader in the Computer Assisted Coding and Natural Language Processing space. EMscribe® Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) was the first commercial product to provide an Inpatient and Outpatient ComputerAssisted Coding Solution for all patient encounters.

EMscribe® Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) software autonomously generates medical codes directly from clinical documentation using AMI’s innovative technology. It saves time, improves accuracy, optimizes reimbursement and streamlines the revenue cycle.


  • *Immediate Return On Investment
  • *Extremely Accurate
  • *Not Dependent on a CAC Graphical User Interface
  • *Rapid Implementation
  • *Real Time Processing
  • *Mitigates Coding Labor Shortages

AMI was the first Computer Assisted Coding software vendor to install in an inpatient setting (2004) providing the benefits of Artificial Intelligent (AI) decision making to streamline workflows and reduce coding time, DNFBs, and increasing “Cash On Hand”

Computer Assisted Coding software


Key Features

Customized Workflow tailored to client’s processes

Computer Assisted Coding software that fits the needs of the customer, and does not pushing new workflows on customers

E&M Professional and Facility

NLP generated E&M scoring, no pick-list.

HCC Coding

Utilizing AMI’s NLP to map the more than 9000 ICD-10 diagnoses to the 79 HCC Codes in the Risk Adjustment model mandated by CMS.

POA/HAC Indicators

Physician Queries

Instantly communicate back and forth with physicians to clarify on any discrepancies in documentation

Core Measures/CDI Component

Flagging documentation for key quality measures or clinical indicators.

Reporting Capabilities

Track productivity and accuracy of those using the system.


Flagging charts before being sent out to billing to avoid denials, as well as looking back at previously submitted charts to identify potential errors.

Dictionary Builder

A tool available for clients to build their own rules, and tunings.

AMI’s proprietary NLP has far reaching “read thru” capabilities. Our NLP can be quickly customized to analyze medical records, looking for specific language and making correlations. Useful for:

Clinical Research

Clinical Decision Support

Problem List Generation

Utilizing EMscribe® proprietary NLP to generate medical problem lists improves hospital’s efficiency and clinical care, and most importantly, helps manage populations of patients while they are hospitalized.

Drug Abstraction

EMscribe® is able to abstract from the patient chart drug name, dosage, route, and form. Data can be presented in a variety of different forms; as free text, Excel spreadsheet or .pdf. Drug Data abstraction & presentation is highly customizable & tailored to your specs. Drug List viewed in EMscribe® User Interface as “Drug List”. Valuable information that you can use to track all sorts of Quality Initiatives within your particular facility.

Clinical Documentation

Clinical Diagnoses

Core Measures

Patient Quality