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Artificial Medical Intelligence Announces Latest Edition of EMscribe Dx for Computer Assisted Coding Solution of ICD9 Diagnostic and Procedure Codes

Provides Electronic Health Record Functionality in Today’s Environment

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 17, 2005–Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI) today announced its latest edition of EMscribe Dx, a computer assisted coding solution that scans documents containing medical phrases and matches them to appropriate ICD9 diagnostic and procedure codes.

It is the only automated coding solution specifically designed for hospital coding requirements and covers all clinical disciplines and subspecialties including medicine, pediatrics and cardiology, radiology, oncology, etc. This latest edition of EMscribe Dx features the ability to achieve an Electronic Health Record (EHR) within an organization’s existing technology environment.

EMscribe Dx provides the foundation for an EHR through its data extraction engine that automatically extracts patient chart information from existing free text narratives. This is unlike other EHR solutions that require information to be constrained to the fields of a template. With EMscribe Dx, an EHR is built from existing documents. This means health care professionals don’t have to change the way they currently do their jobs and allows hospitals to build on their existing IT infrastructure.

Andrew B. Covit, M.D., a board certified nephrologist and chief executive officer of Artificial Medical Intelligence, Inc. explained, “EMscribe Dx’s unique data extraction engine allows it to connect and retrieve information from all pertinent systems within a hospital. This enables all patient chart information that resides in various systems to be presented in a single electronic view. Without this capability, coders may need to access different systems or reenter information in order to process accounts. EMscribe Dx facilitates the HIM department process flow by collecting information and then presenting it to users. It is the equivalent of an ‘electronic face sheet.’ Using EMscribe Dx, hospitals can eliminate coding backups, diminish billing cycle time and overall increase their productivity and efficiency.”

Pricing and Availability

EMscribe Dx is available immediately and priced according to hospital’s size, complexity and infrastructure requirements. An audit of hospital process and systems is conducted upfront to provide accurate facility pricing. A typical installation of moderate acuity 500 bed hospital is priced at approximately $500,000. Configuration, training and yearly subscription fee is ongoing and is priced separately. Interested parties can call (866) 415-6112 or email: