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Artificial Medical Intelligence Announces the Automated Determination of SOFA Scores Extracted from Existing Clinical Documentation

Marlboro, N.J.—January 6, 2021–Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI) today announced their ability to automatically generate an ongoing SOFA score in real-time from existing clinical documentation utilizing the audit module of the company’s proprietary , EMscribe® Artificial Intelligence -Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) platform.

The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score has been used clinically for years to help predict clinical outcomes for critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit setting. Using inpatient records comprising textual documentation from a hospital’s EMR, (including consultations, progress notes, radiology, and lab results), the EMscribe® framework provides an automatic, unbiased determination of any patient’s SOFA score prospectively, obviating the need for clinicians to have to selectively review the medical records and manually calculate the result.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic stretching medical facility critical care capacities beyond the breaking point, some have advocated the use case for the SOFA score to help identify those critically ill patients most likely to benefit from limited clinical resources. By automatically tabulating the results for all patients, using our EMscribe® technology removes some of the ethical burden on the front-line clinician having to decide who should be analyzed and when. With EMscribe® audit and abstraction capabilities functioning in the background, the determination of the SOFA score becomes as routine as measuring someone’s temperature or blood pressure.

No other Health Information Management tools have this automated capability. Along with any number of other user-determined abstraction capabilities, AMI’s automated SOFA scoring joins their Robotic Computer Automated Coding in being 100% accurate and complete. For audit purposes, the SOFA score can be reviewed and verified at any time by the clinician pulling up a specific account through the AMI or any Graphical User Interface.
“This much needed automated SOFA score technology can improve clinical performance by limiting the ethical burden on an already beleaguered practitioner team while eliminating clinician variability in these trying times,” commented Andrew B. Covit, MD, CEO, Artificial Medical Intelligence Inc. “There is now an automated tool that can at least aid the clinician in making these impossibly difficult decisions.”

EMscribe® software utilizes AMI’s innovative Artificial Intelligence, specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to read inpatient and outpatient records for the abstraction of a wide range of user-determined clinical parameters. In addition, EMscribe® has enjoyed a long-established ability to determine diagnostic, procedure and CPT codes from a clinical chart and presenting them for coder validation, verification and review. For over 18 years, EMscribe® has been deployed successfully in many hospitals throughout the United States and the platform can be decoupled and bolted onto all major EMRs or other systems that require advanced CAC/NLP technology in furtherance of clinical excellence..

About AMI
Founded in 2002, Artificial Medical Intelligence ( is a healthcare informatics software developer focusing on increasing efficiency within Health Information Management. Its patent pending core solution, EMscribe, provides suggested coding and abstractions using Natural Language Processing for both the inpatient and outpatient encounter. The innovative solution is very adaptable and can automate certain patient record types with no coder input needed. The technology can also automatically abstract numerous key elements including Present on Admission diagnoses, Hospital Acquired Condition, as well as a variety of other patient values, thus making it the most comprehensive hospital tested HIM-Coding solution available. AMI’s solutions are targeted at hospital healthcare facilities, larger clinics and physician practices that are looking to automate process management and improve the processing of medical documents. The Powered by EMscribe® technology is available to partners and is sold directly to hospitals nationwide. The company is headquartered in Marlboro, New Jersey.

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