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Artificial Medical Intelligence Announces EMscribe Computer Assisted Coding Software; Now with Clinical Document Improvement

EMscribe CDI Provides More Accurate and Complete Clinical Documentation Enabling Hospitals to Receive Faster, More Accurate Reimbursement

NEW ORLEANS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI) today announced that its Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) solution, EMscribe now has integrated Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI).

AMI takes CDI to the next level by integrating more than 300 different quality measures that have been registered and approved into AMI’s Natural Language Processing CAC solution. The clinical documentation guidelines give hospital personnel the information they need to support documentation decisions regarding patient severity, acuity, and risk of mortality. EMscribe CDI provides tangible improvement outcomes through software monitoring, searchable data, user-defined reports and real time performance monitoring and clinical updates.

EMscribe CDI also integrates smoothly with quality initiatives such as The Physician Quality Reporting System, National Healthcare Safety Network, and Accountable Care Organizations. It allows users to flag customized diagnoses or procedures along with the real time status on physician and healthcare worker documentation updates. EMscribe CDI ultimately helps hospitals better reflect reimbursement services provided.

“Since January 2005, we have built a platform that provides usability and innovation for useable Natural Language Processing technology for all types of healthcare systems globally,” said Stuart Covit, COO of Artificial Medical Intelligence Inc. “By integrating CDI into the EMscribe CAC technology, we are delivering tremendous usability and a customizable process that supports the entire CDI team. In the last six months AMI has accelerated its product innovation efforts with its releases offering E & M, Robotic Computer Coding Automation and now CDI. AMI will continue to push our development efforts through our innovative approach that is well received in the industry.”

EMscribe CDI combines site specific and global best practices, evidence-based medicine, clinical case management, benchmark metrics and utilization review through its proprietary usage of Natural Language Processing business intelligence which is at the heart of the EMscribe core technology. Additionally, the CDI software is functionality designed to augment in-house or outsourced dedicated specialists assigned for clinical documentation improvement at or with remote access to healthcare sites.

AMI’s EMscribe Computer Assisted Coding with CDI is available immediately. The product can be seen at the upcoming HIMSS Conference March 3-7 in New Orleans at the AMI booth 6951.