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Artificial Medical Intelligence Announces Industry’s First Robotic Computer Automated Coding for Improved ROI at Hospitals

Innovative Coding Robot Technology Provides 100% Accuracy; No Coder Review

EATONTOWN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)- Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI) today announced the industry’s first Robotic Computer Automated solution which is fully integrated into the company’s primary Natural Language Processing -Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) software, EMscribe.®

Using the innovative Robotic Computer Automated Coding solution for certain outpatient records including radiology, labs as well as “treat and release” outpatient records, medical coders do not need to view the medical charts for coding. Instead medical records go directly to the billing department where they are automatically coded with 100% accuracy. No other Health Information Management tools have this capability. While other CAC vendors make claims of increased performance by automating certain functions within coding processes and workflow, coders are still required to verify and validate the CAC output. AMI’s Robotic Computer Automated Coding requires no coder review and is always 100% accurate and complete. This means that fewer resources are needed for the overall processing of patient records within healthcare facilities.

Robotic Computer Automated Coding has a clear and direct impact for healthcare facilities’ coding performance and overall coding departmental processing time and expenditures. For auditing, the Robotic Computer Automated Coding output can be reviewed at any time by pulling up a specific account or medical record number through the AMI or any Graphical User Interface.

Since 2009, Butler Health System has been using EMscribe through one of AMI’s partners. The hospital is currently processing more than 26,000 outpatient charts per month through the EMscribe Robotic Computer Automated Coding solution with great success. Of the charts processed, more than 60% use Robotic Coding automatically bypassing manual coding and going instead directly to the billing department. The charts that are not using the Robotic Computer Automated Coding technology are still being processed through CAC and are presented to a coder with codes suggested by the EMscribe coding engine.

“This exciting Robotic Computer Automated Coding approach is completely unique from other Computer Assisted Coding offerings and helps hospitals improve the bottom line revenue cycle performance through increased speed, efficiency and elimination of coder variability,” said Stuart Covit, COO, Artificial Medical Intelligence Inc. “Workflow varies from site to site and that presents the potential for exaggerated productivity improvement claims made by CAC vendors. With our innovative robotic technique, there is now a fundamental differentiation and shift in the offerings available to Health Information Management. Robotic Computer Assisted Coding translates to less staff focused on the mundane task of coding certain record types. The Robotic Automation process is exclusive to AMI and has been refined and field tested in live sites for 5 years. We are now moving aggressively to provide this standout capability to all hospital sites.”

EMscribe Computer Assisted Coding software utilizes AMI’s innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) coding technology to read inpatient and outpatient records for appropriate diagnostic, procedure and CPT codes. It then pre-codes the records and presents them for coder validation, verification and review. Manual coders enhanced with the results of EMscribe can easily approve or amend the automatic results and increase efficiencies by as much as 80%. EMscribe has been deployed successfully in many hospitals throughout the United States.
In addition to hospitals, healthcare technology companies looking to address ICD-I0 can benefit from EMscribe technology to interface with their existing applications. The EMscribe technology can be decoupled and bolted onto other systems that require advanced CAC/NLP for the future ICD10 coding system. With its NLP capabilities, EMscribe can serve as a valuable solution to deal with the new, much more specific and detailed coding system.

Robotic Computer Automated Coding is available immediately. The product can be seen at the upcoming AHIMA Conference October 1-3 in Chicago through some of AMI’s partners which are listed on the company’s website at