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Artificial Medical Intelligence and Octopian Global Services Sign a MoU to Build Autonomous Medical Coding Solutions in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Pacific

Octopian Global Services announced today a partnership with Artificial Medical Intelligence to develop advanced autonomous clinical coding solutions for the Middle Eastern, African, and Asia Pacific regions. Octopian Digital is an entity under Octopian Global Services that focuses on automated industry solutions and create end-to-end workflows to help organizations increase revenue and reduce costs. The partnership between Octopian Digital and AMI will bring the EMscribe platform for autonomous coding to the identified markets.

“We are working across the region to reduce the overall cost of healthcare, improve the quality of care, and increase the utilization of Hospital systems. We see medical coding as an enabler of that objective” said Fadi Jawdat Hindi, CEO of Octopian Digital. “The power of this collaboration will be realized when the two complementary platforms come together to offer solutions in the identified regions.”

“Our platform has been perfected over 20 years by building medical ontologies based on real-world experience, accounting for nuisances in medical records as a result of human errors.” said Stuart Covit, COO of AMI. “Our medical approach and experience use the entire medical corpus to identify the right medical terms, diagnoses and procedures including forensic signs and symptoms or drivers in the context of the patient encounter. This increases our accuracy exponentially.” AMI believes in utilizing full autonomous coding wherever possible, which has been built into the platform since inception, but also recognizes that due to the complex nature of medicine, there will always be a need for a human intervention for the most complex cases. AMIs goal is to relieve the burden of high volume low to medium complexity work and ensure that humans are focusing on the most complex cognitive efforts.

The well-established companies and platforms will bring unprecedented processing power to the Medical clinical coding field. Octopian Global Services has been operating for over 27 years across the globe delivering services and solutions in more than 80 countries across 189 cities. AMI has been in business for over 20 years, constantly improving and tuning their Ontology and learning from field implementations to enhance their medical coding engine.

  • The Memorandum of Understanding establishes the collaborative framework to use Octopian’s Cloud platform with AMI’s EMscribe Artificial Intelligence platform to build advanced autonomous Clinical Coding and Auditing solutions for providers across the regions.
  • Octopian Cloud from Octopian Global Services is an advanced technology platform that orchestrates workflows, acquires & processes data, and integrates disparate systems in one cohesive process
  • Octopian Digital healthcare practice builds intelligent transformational solutions for the Middle East market
  • For over 20 years AMI’s EMscribe Artificial Intelligence platform focuses on looking at the entire medical record and has built its solutions around medical subject matter expertise and applying that knowledge base in the real world.
  • Beginning in 2006, AMI was the first global coding software company to provide highly accurate algorithms to generate unparalleled medical coding and abstraction automation results for healthcare providers beyond any one particular medical specialty.

About Octopian Global Services

Global by ambition – Local at heart A culturally – aware global IT provider operating in 90+ countries with a local footprint in over 186 cities. Octopian is a group of companies with a core focus on managed IT services, wrapping all elements including infrastructure, applications, and operations, with deep specialization through its business units and subsidiaries into emerging technologies that define the current IT economy spectrum from smart cities, IOT infrastructure, IT & OT security, digitalization and digital economy, healthcare AI and energy technologies. Octopian aims to revolutionize and digitalize infrastructure elements for governments, enterprises, and global organizations by continuously delivering new and innovative methods that challenge the status quo in a rapidly evolving technical world. Please visit us at

About Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI)

Now celebrating its second decade, AMI is the ethical autonomous coding, RCM and auditing company creating human capacity in the global medical coding and auditing market. AMI invented Computer Assisted-Coding (CAC) for the healthcare medical coding market in 2003, and is now leading with a platform that allows for fully autonomous coding and auditing of medical documentation. The medical coding and auditing market continues to expand faster than humans can react and AMI is on a mission to provide exponential productivity technology gains to meet the growing demand, without ever sacrificing our ethics or quality. Our commitment to innovation and the AMI obsession with customer satisfaction are what drives the AMI team, every day. AMI continues to focus on its proprietary leading edge artificial intelligence tools to drive its EMscribe platform for multiple use cases and business and healthcare verticals.